FECIVE - Venezuelan Expressions

I made this illustrations for FECIVE (Venezuelan Film Festival in Buenos Aires). The concept was to make literal illustrations of the Venezuelan slang. Hice estas ilustraciones para el FECIVE (Festival de Cine Venezolano) donde el concepto era hacer ilustraciones literales de la jerga venezolana.

"Soplar el Bistec - Blowing the Steak" is an Venezuelan expression when a person feels attractive for his friend's couple and secretly try to take it from him-her.
"Cachito de Jamón - Bread stuffed with ham" In Venezuela it's one of the most typical breakfasts you can buy at the bakery. In Argentina "cachito" means "a little bit".
"Concha de Mango - Mango Peel" In Venezuela applies to an innocent-looking affair but has a treacherous side. In Argentina "Concha" means "Vagina".

"Policia Acostado - Police Lying Down" In Venezuela we called that to the Speed Bumps.

"El Papá de los Helados - The Ice Cream's Dad" In Venezuela is the person who think that is better than everybody.
"Birra Vestida de Novia - Beer dressed as a Bride" In Venezuela is when the beer is so cold that it creates a layer of ice around the bottle.
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