"Soplar el Bistec - Blowing the Steak" is an Venezuelan expression when a person feels attractive for his friend's couple and secretly try to take it from him-her.
"Cachito de Jamón - Bread stuffed with ham" In Venezuela it's one of the most typical breakfasts you can buy at the bakery. In Argentina "cachito" means "a little bit".
"Concha de Mango - Mango Peel" In Venezuela applies to an innocent-looking affair but has a treacherous side. In Argentina "Concha" means "Vagina".

"Policia Acostado - Police Lying Down" In Venezuela we called that to the Speed Bumps.

"El Papá de los Helados - The Ice Cream's Dad" In Venezuela is the person who think that is better than everybody.
"Birra Vestida de Novia - Beer dressed as a Bride" In Venezuela is when the beer is so cold that it creates a layer of ice around the bottle.
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