Built around the concept of “Kids First,” we developed the rebrand showcasing a diverse array of school-age children interacting with the world and characters of Nickelodeon in a playful and surreal mix of live-action and graphics. The project consisted of more than 250 deliverables, including bumpers, IDs, promo toolkits and graphic developments for social media and off-air use for the US channel, with updated elements for the international channels to follow.
Pieces that I made or participate​​​​​​​
Agency: Superestudio & Lamole
Executive Creative Director: Ezequiel Rormoser
Executive Producer: Marcos Torres
Creative Director: Mariano Barbieri
Animation Director: Leandro Feuz
Senior Producer: Sofia Teodoro
Post Production Coordinator: Maximiliano Sanguine
Design: Florencia Piovesanel, Alejandra Lan, Malena Deluca, Nicolas Gloazzo, Valeria Moreiro, María Pía Vivo
Animation: Martin Ferdkin, Armando Carrasquel, Ezequiel Leiva, Juan Manuel Zárraga, Esteban Blazquez, Horacio Herrero, Pablo Drut, Pablo Agromayor, Norberto Pizzini, Nicolás Trullás
3D: Eugenio Pignataro, Santiago Gelabert, Leandro Feuz, Armando Carrasquel, Ezequiel Leiva, Alejandra Lan, Juan Manuel Zárraga, Esteban Blazquez, Pablo Agromayor
Chroma Keying: Malditomaus
Color Correction: Emmanuel Gramajo
Editing: Alexis Pellegrini, Mauricio Maturana
Production: Marina Dominioni
Production Company: NuContext/Los Angeles, CA
Director: Mikael Tyrsen
Executive Producer: Angela Guice
Producer: Jessie Marcus
DP: Sing Howe Yam
Production Designer: Tijana Gaudio

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